is a facility that provides technical and artistic services for directors, production companies, and composers.

In addition to an innovative video post-production studio, we also have a first-rate audio post-production studio overseen by skilled technicians.

We’ve also created a platform called Music: a vast archive of ready-to-use music and narrative music and, above all, a team of composers you can enlist to create original music for your production.

And if you love real sounds, there’s Magister Espresso Orchestra, a musical ensemble specialized in studio recordings available also for shared sessions in order to optimize costs.

was born from and is a part of Freecom, Doc’s publishing house, it is a creative hothouse where you can forge artistic collaborations with diverse audiovisual specialists.

Freecom-Doc Servizi offers a special arrangement for all members of the Doc network who can use the studios or commission post-production works at a reasonable cost.

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