Giovanni Sanguineti
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With over 34 years of music and after a lot of dedication towards a growingly strong passion for performed music, he went from the pure pleasure of ‘con-tatto’, contact but also ‘with tact’, with his instrument to a much more disciplined study of written music, studied music, practised and brought together with real heads of orchestra and maestros that have literally and metaphorically written important pages of the history of music and in particular of jazz.
He performed in Italy and abroad, in clubs, theatres and jazz festivals with his own bands or as sideman to widely known Italian and International musicians.
He has carried out various discographic productions and six records with his own name.
“Jazz is my place of elevation and disinhibition but I also write and arrange pieces for songwriters, chillout compilations for specific editors, pop and theatre, with great pleasure and engagement.”
In his work he has played the part of arranger and that of composer, living arrangement as a studying matter and practice and maturing a deeper and wider knowledge of composing, an instrument that has liberated his ideas to the max, even in reduced ensembles.
Today, Giovanni Sanguineti continues to use his instrument, his projects, his groups and concerts to express his person, his experience, his habitat, his present and his future.
“An important objective for me is the creation of images and an emotional sharing with my musicians and with the audience, aiming at the possibility of opening and re-evaluating the political and socio-cultural value that art and music can generate.”
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